A Lovely Combination

I recently visited my favorite indie bookstore and somehow managed to leave without using all of my credit! (I needed an excuse to return next week…) What did I purchase? A combination I believe works quite well:



1) A book with a setting that drew me in. (Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, taking place in my beloved London.) 


2) A collection of stories to frighten me slightly. (Unnatural Creatures by various authors.)


3) Another quirky British read that joins my Austenite and Sherlockian sides. (Death Comes to Permberly by P.D. James.)


4) A novel by an author of my recent acquaintance to make me philosophical. (Nana by Emile Zola, author of the inspiration of BBC’s hit show, The Paradise.)

5) Finally, a volume of essays by my writing hero (one of them, anyway) to feed both mind and ambition. (Bradbury Speaks by Ray Bradbury.) 


Quite a nice blend of fantasy, frights, and food for thought, wouldn’t you agree? 

One response to “A Lovely Combination”

  1. Just what you really, really need – more books! 😉



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