Holy Saturday 2023

I wrote a poem for Holy Saturday 2022 and it was a great creative and spiritual activity, so here’s a poem for this year:

The Light of the World has been dimmed
     but still I rise
          to switch on the lamp,
          open the shades,
          let in the sun
               —and wait

The Bread of Life has been broken
     but still I rise
          to measure the flour,
          pour the water,
          knead the rough dough
               —and work.

The True Vine has been rejected
     but still I rise
          to look at the earth,
          see the green weeds,
          plot my next seeds
               —and wait.

The Living Water has been spilt
     but still I rise
          to refill the jar,
          do the dishes,
          scour the sink
               —and work.

The Sheep Door has been shut in
     but still I rise
          to fling my own wide,
          air out my room,
          breathe in the spring
               —and wonder...

How was it for those first women,
     Those years ago
          who would not have worked,
          and could but rest,
          as the Sabbath Himself
               —was still?

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