Holy Saturday 2022

This is the space between all life and death,
Between his final cry and second-first breath;
The stillness between singing and applause,
Between the reign of love and rule of laws.

The space before the church door is unlocked,
Before the stone is rolled, the grave is rocked.
The stretching shadow’s still beneath the cross,
The stretch of time when all gain still seems loss.

This emptiness is a fullness we forsake,
A holy silence we are ever swift to break.
Our mourning fails to endure through the night
As our joy rises with a day too early’s light.

We rush to tomorrow’s tomb as we forget
That we, too, live in the already but not yet.

2 responses to “Holy Saturday 2022”

  1. meh1998a44d1e0f56 Avatar

    The LORD our God is triumphing gloriously! And His Son my Lord and Savior Jesus of Nazareth of Galilee the Christ is most certainly KING! Forever and ever. Amen.


  2. […] wrote a poem for Holy Saturday 2022 and it was a great creative and spiritual activity, so here’s a poem for this […]


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