Joseph – A Song and a Sermon

When we first began dating, my husband and I were employed by two very different churches. They proclaimed the same gospel, but the one where he worked was extremely contemporary while mine preserved the beautiful Lutheran liturgy. Although we attended each others’ services, it became our dream to collaborate, for him to preach while I played the piano.

Since moving to Iowa, we have had more opportunities for this duet of sermon and song. Whenever he preaches, I am careful to choose a piano prelude that is relevant to the message…even if nobody knows. Unlike my previous churches, though, I am not on staff. I am back to where I began: a volunteer playing keys with the band. Although I keenly miss playing the organ and leading congregational hymns, I am thankful that I am at least permitted to pick and play a prelude each week.

This week, my husband prepared a beautiful message on the character of Joseph the Carpenter, the earthly father of Christ. Meanwhile, I stumbled upon the perfect prelude: a piano arrangement of “The Hands that First Held Mary’s Child” by Dan Forrest.

As we continue our journey into Advent, I encourage you to listen to this song and sermon together. Music and message are, after all, complementary, informing our hearts and minds and instructing us in the beauty and truth of our good God.

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