I’ve begun rereading Exodus for my devotions and am struck again and again by the motifs that are fulfilled in Christ, often in unexpected ways. For instance, when the Lord commands Moses to remove his sandals because he is standing on holy ground…

How great the place of Holy Flame
Where His fire warns, "Draw not near,
But remove the sandals from your soles
And be seared by righteous fear."
So ignite! Be burned but not consumed
By the ground beneath your feet.

How sweet the face of Him who came
To welcome and draw us near,
Who looses our sandals, frees our souls,
To be soothed by blood and tears.
So be cleansed, be drowned and raised anew;
By the Fount, the Washer of Feet.

One response to “Feet”

  1. I love your blogs, Sweetie! Thank you for reminding us of how awesome, powerful, and yet loving our God is!



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