Gift Ideas for Worship Leaders/Musicians

Struggling to shop for the worship leaders or musicians in your life? As an organist, pianist, teacher, and music director, I’m here to help. Here are some gifts that will never not be appreciated by musicians and worship leaders of all styles, ages, and levels:

1. This portable stand that isn’t flimsy and terrible:

2. This clip-on light that illuminates more than just two tiny spots:

3. These hole-punch reinforcers – this isn’t the most exciting stocking stuffer but many musicians (especially accompanists) need these daily!

4. Round-ring black binders – again, not super exciting but VERY necessary and, oddly, hard to find in-stores:

5. These fingerless mittens that are a LIFESAVER for instrumentalists during the winter!

6. This adorable tape dispenser, perfect for stashing on the organ console:

7. A pencil sharpener to match the tape dispenser!

8. No other pencil compares and no musician can have too many #2 pencils!

9. If all else fails, a gift card to a local coffee shop is always a hit.

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