The Daily Three 8/2/22

1. Something Good: Gardening continues to teach me a great deal about faith. For instance, I planted my spaghetti squash in the worst soil. I knew my watermelons would thrive because they are in exceptional soil. I did not expect much from my squash. And yet, I continued to tend those brittle seedlings with more care than any of my other plants and, now, they’re the most fruitful. It reminds me of this parable in Luke 13:6-9, which I encourage you to read and ponder on your own today.

I picked this watermelon before it’s time but gardening continues to be good.

2. Something True: By Tuesday, Sunday may already feel like the distant past. Let’s not forget the communion we shared and the messages we heard, though. I’m honored to share my husband’s most recent sermon, “Defeating Discouragement”

3. Something Beautiful: My family and I spent the majority of the weekend refinishing my deck, porch, and shutters. It was a long, strenuous project, but the end result is gorgeous. Although the previous homeowners cared for this house well, I have deeply enjoyed updating it and making it more my own. I’m not great at Instagram reels (and don’t aspire to be), but I thought I would share some before and after shots of our main living space. This isn’t a life-changing beauty, perhaps, but I have found it immensely life-giving.

One response to “The Daily Three 8/2/22”

  1. Love the new look of your house! Looks so fresh and welcoming!



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