Fashion Theology Review (Link)

Recently, I had the honor of reviewing a marvellous (and meticulously-researched!) new book, Fashion Theology, by a former professor of mine. The full review has been published by Transpositions, an online journal managed by students from the University of St. Andrew’s Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts. My review can be read here and I highly recommend ordering a copy of Fashion Theology, which poses a fascinating exposition of the possible intersection of fashion and theology.

Bonus: This book is guaranteed to be a conversation-started at coffee shops!

3 responses to “Fashion Theology Review (Link)”

  1. Fascinating read. Doesn’t all of life have its mooring in theology? I will continue to dress appropriately to worship on the Lord’s Day via live-streaming.

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    1. Indeed it does! Do let me know if you read Fashion Theology!


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