Clever Odysseus and Wondering Me

In reading the epics of Homer and Virgil, I was struck by the use of titles for each character, from “clever Odysseus” to “circumspect Penelope” to “glorious Hector” to “pious Aeneas.” Rarely is a character mentioned, even in the most unimportant instances, without his or her name being preceded by an adjective of some sort. If Odysseus so much as sneezes, “clever Odysseus” sneezes, just as “clever Odysseus” escaped the Cyclops’ cave. This trend of titles made me think: if I were a character in these books, what would my reoccurring title be? Thinking Ryanne? Pun-loving Ryanne? Musical Ryanne? But, on a deeper level, what would I want my title to be and would I be deserving of this title? It is both an intriguing and unnerving thought to me, this idea of being characterized by a single word or even by a couple words. Would these words be affirming or would they reveal flaws? I wonder…

That’s all- just some food for thought, a little brain snack if you will. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. 🙂

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